The Fadas XV


The Fadas XV is the rugby team of the « Fadas du RCT » association.


Made up of amateur players and beginners, this team has the primary purpose of taking pleasure in sharing a common passion, Rugby, while conveying the values of festivity and conviviality dear to the association « The Fadas. »


Officially launched in September 2004, the Fadas XV celebrated in 2014 its 10 years of existence and consists of more than 40 licensees who carry the image of the association in all fields of the Var and the PACA region.

Since 2009, the Fadas XV is affiliated with the French Rugby Federation as well as the Riviera Committee and provides federal insurance for the practice of leisure rugby.

A weekly practice is held on the pitch of Stade Fernandez (Mourillon) every Tuesday  from 20:30 to 22h and games (about one a month) are held on weekdays.

If you are tempted by the adventure, fell free to contact the staff of the XV by completing the form on the « Contacts » page (about: Fadas XV).