Introduction of Fadas by Alexis


RCT didn’t play his best rugby (18-13).

We can say that victory is still at the end but in the last ten minutes of the game the specter of defeat Mayol face Grenoble in January resurfaced.

Against an opponent just came for not taking a suitcase the match was chopped complicated … But Toulon had intentions of game as usual but tried gestures and impossible to play on individuals it becomes rough.

Dominators melee closed but a little awkward in conquest, the RCT has been able to use his superiority in these areas. So this game came down to indiscipline Bordeaux and a game in convincing foot Fred Michalak author of 18 points RCT despite easy failure. I will remember and also blame the stupid whistles that accompanied the Toulon at the final whistle of Mr. Marchat somewhat lax. These whistles there are not worthy of a public club double European champion and champion title in France. Finally last night except for four points from victory, the only thinning of the evening was the inauguration of the new premises of the Cafoutche Fadas … 2 … my say it should be a great vintage …


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