A call to all “Fadas” and RCT supporters to shoot a commercial with Jonny Wilkinson!


A famous beer brand has plans to make a commercial with the participation of Jonny Wilkinson.

A casting is held Saturday, September 6 from 10am to 20pm at the Hotel Ibis Style, located opposite the Place Besagne Stade Mayol.

The production is therefore looking for supporters of RCT, our Jonny local worshipers, who could speak with enthusiasm before a camera and preferably dressed in the colors of “Ercété.”

The production is looking for men as well as women aged over 25 years (legal age to advertise beer in England).

Those interested are required to be at the Ibis Style Besagne between 10am and 20pm ; they can access the hotel via its terrace where the casting will be held (taking pictures, administrative information), preferably in the morning and before 16pm to avoid a possible long wait.

We rely on the mobilization of the Fadas of RCT to try their luck in a unique experience alongside Jonny Wilkinson !

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