Rules and Regulations


The rules of procedure are required for members and officers of the association as well as the statutes.

These rules of procedure shall be established by the Board of Directors of the Association pursuant to Article 11 of the articles of association.

It is intended to regulate various elements which are not specified in the constitution and in particular those relating to the internal administration of the association « The Fadas du RCT, supporters of Rugby Club Toulonnais. »

These rules of procedure shall apply to all members. It may be amended by decision of the Board.

It is given to all members and to each new member at the beginning of each sports season, and is attached to the articles of association.

These rules are also displayed in the premises of the association.

Article 1 : Membership

To be an active member of the association, the applicant will have to appear in the annual membership campaigns of the association and fill in a membership application form, dated and signed, indicating that the involvement complies with the statutes and rules of procedure.

Each member is required to pay the amount of the annual fee fixed by the general meeting of the association (15 € since June 2013). Failure to comply with this condition results in loss of membership.

Honorary members do not pay dues.

Supporting members pay an annual fee of a minimum 30 €.

Membership may be refused if the applicant is not affected by the object of the association or that his behavior did not conform with the values promoted by the association (respect, friendliness, sense of welcome ).

Article 2 : Board of Directors (BOD), office and commission

The Board meets at least once a month. It elects after the annual general meeting within it, a president, a treasurer and a secretary and a Bureau Director.

Nominations for the Board are addressed to the President of the association who is responsible for the determination of the list on the day of the AGM.

BOD decisions are taken by simple majority.

  • The President represents the association and contributes to any activities connected with the object of the association.

  • The Secretary shall submit to the office.

  • The treasurer is the guarantor of the association’s books and present to the General Assembly the results of the past year, and the forecast for the following year.

The Board of Directors shall establish such committees empowered to manage the activities of which they are responsible and to consider any project affecting their object.

The composition of committees is approved by the Office of BOD and commissions are absolutely controlled by a member of the board of directors.

The following committees are created :

  • Fadas XV commitee

  • Membership Services commitee

  • Partnerships commitee

  • Stand Animation commitee

  • Communication commitee

  • Association headquarters management commitee

  • Merchandising commitee

  • Away games travel & visiting supporters welcome commitee

After three unjustified absences to a meeting of the Board absences, the director is required to resign.

Article 3 : Recognition of general interest

As part of its sports and its affiliation with the French Rugby Federation, the association « The Fadas du RCT » can be regarded as an association of general interest.

  • Indeed, the purpose of the association is not profit ;

  • The management of the association is disinterested in the sense of tax instruction of 18 December 2006 (BOI 4 H506) ;

  • The association is not limited to a restricted circle of persons.

Article 4 : Activities
  • Internal communication :

The association provides its members a number of communication channels :

  1. A landline and mobile phone number for members only ;

  2. A web site ;

  3. A facebook group, page and account, a twitter account, an Instagram account, google + page ;

  4. A monthly gazette dematerialized ;

  5. A newsletter mailing list.

The association reminds its members that it is composed of volunteers, most of whom perform professional activities aside. As such, the time of reply to emails can take up to 48 hours and phone calls before 9am, during lunch, after 20h and Sundays and holidays should be avoided: we are not a hotline !

  • The basic rules (reservations, behaviors, live together, places orders, season tickets exchange) :

  1. Any altercation, insults, shouting matches during an activity of the association, or local association is liable to be expelled from the association.

  2. Falsification of membership cards, or subscriber cards is synonymous with radiation with immediate effect and without any appeal possibility.

  3. Seat reservations, products, or services offered by the association become effective once their payment have been confirmed within 72 hours of booking. After this time, places, services or products will be offered to another member.

  4. The association has its disposal 4 Delangre Stand season tickets and 4 additional seats a year in Finale Stand. As part of the « Season Tickets Exchange », all association members can have access to these tickets on a turnover basis.

  5. Reservations for these tickets must be received at least 15 days before the date of the game and only by mail to the following address : The offer is limited to two tickets per member. The rule of « first come, first served » is applied.

Article 5 : Disciplinary procedures

The penalties are: warning, suspension of access to activities, suspension of access to local associations, radiation …).

The principle of punishment is required by the articles and the sanction is granted by the Board of Directors after hearing the defendant (who may be assisted by a member of his choice). The decision will be notified by letter.

Article 6 : Changing the rules

A request to change the rules may be made by any member of the association and must be subjected to the approval of the ordinary general meeting of the association.

Toulon, July 12, 2014.

The Fadas of RCT