Our Patrons

The Fadas du RCT are very proud to present theirs patrons for the 2018-2019 season :


  • Anthony BELLEAUbelleau-1-533x800



  • Charles OLLIVON :



  • Mamuka GORGODZE :



Honorary patrons

  • Philip FITZGERALD :


Philip, our friend, if we believe your birth certificate, you were born in Scotland in 1977. Fortunately your RCT friends are there to set the record straight : you were born in 1997 in Toulon at the age of 20.
Besides, if you were really born in Stirling, Scotland, you’d be a bit stingy, including in your efforts ! But no one is more generous than you, in the battle raging on the pitch, in friendship, in fidelity to RCT. A dozen years spent on the Bay, it’s roughly the time needed for whisky maturation in your « Highlands » ! But we started loving you even before that !

We loved you for your traditional « fighting spirit », but also because you speak French with a « Raimu » accent. We will love you, because if you go back one day to your Scottish mists, you would serve the salmon from your rivers with our traditional aioli …


We love you, and we will simply say « thank you. » May you know that, now, thanks to you, the pretty « Flower of Scotland » will always be matched to our fragile sprig of Muguet.

Thank you Fitzy of Besagne !


  • Luc the Belgian :

fan club llb

Because with the Fadas, faithfulness is in our genes.

Because the Fadas have not forgotten that one evening in 1998, the Banana bar and his boss have welcomed us with open arms then shared 13 years of passion and emotion.

Because stories of men and friendship do really exists.

Because you came to see us in our Cafoutche bringing the European Cup with you in 2013.

Because it is an honor and a privilege that he has responded favorably to our request.

Because it is just a « Good Guy ‘ Because LLB !!

luc le belge