The Fadas, fan of RCT since 1998 !

At Toulon we come to rugby as one enters religion …

In Toulon, you don’t see Mayol first, you hear it …

In Toulon, although we love fighting-spirited players and games, we are nevertheless an open, lively and welcoming people.

It was in 1998 that the Fadas, in need of a rallying cry, exhumed the « Pilou Pilou » to rekindle the passion.

The Fadas strive to embody the values of the « good living together », solidarity, respect, a certain idea of friendliness, service, hospitality, and a festive spirit and a perfectly-accepted madness.

Supporting and joining the Fadas is a unique experience and an unforgettable immersion in the heart of Toulon supporters !

For this, Fadas have signed the code of ethics with the RCT (Charte_des_supporters) and are members to the French Federation of rugby supporters (

What for?
Because Toulon! Because The Fadas!